The 12 massages

The 12 facial massages become really useful to maintain health and youth, to prevent illnesses and to generally reinforce tonicity. Practicing those massages every day in the morning help us maintain a preventive attitude and a life philosophy based on self-regulation.

For those who are not as diligent or do not have time in the morning for all 12 massages, the two main massages are massage n°7 (yang) and n°12 (yin). These two massages are complementary and rebalance the body after waking up.
In general, teenagers will not need the 12 morning massages as often as adults, except in winter to prevent colds (massage n°7) or before a stressful or difficult situation such as an exam or oral presentation (massage n°9).

Repeat each massage ±30 times depending on the physical and psychological state of each one. It is not the time dedicated to every massage that has importance, but generating and feeling the heat.

  1. Heat your hands by rubbing them together for several seconds and then place them over your eyes. This clarifies the vision and works on your ovaries and testicles.
  2. With your two middle fingers, massage your face in circular movements from the tip of your nose towards your eyebrows and around the eyes. Then tap your skin with your hands in the same way as when massaging. This corresponds to a massage in the vagina. Other benefits include treating visual problems, treating impotence and prolapsed uterus, and preventing rhinitis and sinusitis.
  3. Massage your face with your palms in circular movements from the chin to the forehead but without touching your nose.  This warms and relaxes your body. It is good for the skin and treats fatigue.
  4. Place your palm on your face with your forefinger under your nose (pointing your thumb upward) and give a horizontal massage. This warms your body and massages your internal organs. It stimulates your endocrine, digestive and reproductive systems.
  5. With your fingers from both hands rub your face from the tip of your nose towards your hairline. You should always finish the massage on the top part of your face to prevent erection problems. It corresponds to a massage along your backbone and legs. It is beneficial to your reproductive system.
  6. Strongly massage your forehead in a horizontal direction, first with your right hand and then with the left. This corresponds to a massage of your back and internal organs. It works on wrinkles, relaxes your nervous system and stimulates your brain and memory.
  7. With the thumb and index finger of both hands, rub your ears (both outer and inner parts). You should feel a warm sensation along the jawline. This warms your throat and massages your back, eyes and tongue. It controls your blood pressure and warms your body. It helps against neck wrinkles, colds, sinusitis and rhinitis.
  8. Open your hands wide and with your thumb and index finger massage your neck from top to bottom. This unblocks the nose, treats goitre and dissolves asthmatic mucosity.
  9. Using both palms, massage the back of your neck in a horizontal direction. This gives you courage, is anti-depressive, and relaxes the cervical area. It prevents rhinitis and stiff neck and activates the flow of energy in the bladder meridians.
  10. Massage your scalp with your fingertips, from forehead to the back of the neck. This fights alopecia, dandruff, headaches and insomnia.
  11. Massage your ears, twisting the outer ear. Cover your ears with your palms and tap the back of your neck with your fingers. This “beats the celestial drum” and corresponds to a massage of your auditory system, brain, kidneys and stomach. It treats memory loss.
  12. With your mouth closed, make your teeth chatter; then move your tongue around your gums to produce saliva and swallow it. This “Jade’s fluid” is a natural antibody. It is a yin massage that harmonizes the previous ones and is very good for the throat and stomach. It also helps protect against generative osteoarthritis and rheumatism. It works to increase lubrication of the joints and helps the skin and stomach. It is effective against herpes. This massage rejuvenates you.

Download the Pdf of the 12 massage of Dien Chan here