How to choose your training?

When searching for a training program, we are often faced with a jungle of proposals, each as interesting as the other. That's why it seems extremely important —before choosing a training program— to ensure the seriousness and validity of the programs presented.

The Dien Chan course does not consist of diluting knowledge to increase the duration and therefore the price. Quite the contrary!

Always make sure that your future trainer is not an isolated individual who has improvised as a Dien Chan teacher. Compare publications and trust your intuition. Don't hesitate to call the person who offers a course by phone.
Be careful of the multiple lies propagated by some individuals trying to take advantage of the craze for natural therapies. You must be able to adapt to an adult audience that does not always have a lot of time.
Read articles, search and compare, because this is an investment in time and money that you could regret later.

Make sure that you are in tune with the teaching style of ISMDC by, for example, taking an online or in-person workshop. All dates are published on

Consult the curricula of the ISMDC trainers on

Our trainers remain focused on the original method of facial reflexology -Dien Chan- even though this latter invites us throughout our learning to consult and take an interest in other sources of knowledge.
In fact, Dien Chan is a healing technique that feeds on various medical knowledge, both Western and traditional Chinese and Vietnamese.

The courses we offer are for anyone who wants to learn authentic Multireflexology - Dien Chan.

No dilution or simplification, as we ensure that our trainers do not stray -even if they are passionate- by explaining Chinese medicine, dietetics, Buddhist philosophy, or the Tao Te King...
All these subjects deserve our utmost respect, but we want to insist that from ISMDC we focus on teaching what is detailed in our programs.
Whether you are a doctor, acupuncturist, nurse, beautician, osteopath, or even in the midst of a career change, you must start with the basics.
Our goal is to bring you module after module to become a care designer so that you can precisely adapt to the disorders you will face throughout your career.

We feel obliged to write these lines to answer all those who doubt (and we understand them) when choosing where, with whom, and how to train.

Our programs, as well as all the treatments offered during the courses, are completely adapted to the reality of Western consultation. From 2002 and for 10 years, we helped Professor Bùi Quôc Châu to rework many of these protocols and programs that were designed for a Vietnamese assembly.

After the Vietnam War, Professor Châu had the genius and humility to teach simple techniques to his patients from very disadvantaged backgrounds. He taught them to become their own therapist in order to take control of their health.

In the West, we don't always have as much time to train, but we are lucky to address an audience that has learned to learn.
So we can reach our goals more quickly while respecting the origin of the method and its pedagogy.

For example, we want to offer free treatments during classes by inviting anyone who wishes to observe or receive Dien Chan treatment.
Your teacher describes their actions so that the whole class can benefit and properly assimilate the applied reasoning.

After the training, students stay in touch with ISMDC for constant updating through the international Dien Chan club, the experts' blog of Dien Chan (, etc.
But also informative newsletters ( with Q&A sessions.
So the ideal is to subscribe for free to the channel to enjoy multiple videos classified by themes.

How to start studying?

Needless to say, nothing can truly replace an in-person class with a member of the Dien Chan expert team!

For that, check the training schedule on

The book, didactic booklets, and interactive Faceasit app are very rich complementary tools with lots of content.
We make a constant effort to update them to help all practitioners become their best source of inspiration.

With the Faceasit app

Dien Chan app

This amazing app has all the available information to help you create very rigorous care protocols.
Attention, it's not a poor catalog of Dien Chan formulas!
Just like a therapist, it suggests that you locate the problem, then choose the closest ailment.
Faceasit also allows you to study face reflection patterns and the complete map of fixed points.
To better understand, we invite you to watch videos showing Faceasit in action from the file

With the book

Dien Chan book

We are the authors of the reference book available from Grancher publishers in Paris: «ABC du Dien Chan».
Needless to say, we strongly recommend this book while noting that we have offered 100% of the royalties to Pr Bùi Quôc Châu to thank him for so many years of sharing, laughter, and teaching.
The English paperback last edition of the Dien Chan reference book is available in the DienShop.

With didactic booklets

Dien Chan ebooks

From time to time, we write eBooks on specific topics to help Dien Chan and Chan❜beauté practitioners revise inspiring protocols.
These thematic eBooks are an excellent way to consolidate your knowledge in order to approach patient care with more confidence.
Occasionally consult the proposal catalog from

Take a course

Dien Chan courses

Obviously, the ideal is to take a course at the ISMDC. The booklets and the application then become excellent allies.

All of our trainers are passionate individuals who know that sharing is nourishing our natural need to contribute to the happiness of others.

Dien Chan is a technique, not a medicine. Learning the gestures and knowing how to approach a problem is essential. The practical sessions led by your teacher will shed light on this method that may seem complex at first.

Dien Chan is complex, but not complicated!

Your trainer will teach you not only the theory but also the subtleties that are not always easy to deliver in a book.
We don't just want to transmit the technique, but also offer you the possibility to master it.
Knowing Dien Chan and being able to use your intuition opens up a multitude of therapeutic paths.

It is for this sole purpose that since 2002, the ISMDC team has been working, refining and improving the programs of the different training modules.

President's statement

Patryck Aguilar-Cassarà

The courses are for adults, and your instructor should not be a parrot, but an artist passionate about Dien Chan. Until 2009, Professor Châu insisted on the philosophy and understanding of Vietnamese subtlety before allowing us to become trainers.
Nowadays, many former students are improvising as trainers because they have taken a course with Professor Châu, who has been invited for a few years by other students organized into a little association.
Indeed, everyone is free to invite Professor Châu and organize as many levels as possible to satisfy an audience eager for information, but this does not guarantee the quality and seriousness of the teaching.

Unfortunately, alternative therapies are often devalued because they are promoted as if they possess a secret or magic.
At the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan, we do not sell information but rather the talent, work, and professionalism of our trainers. Many people believe they can buy a diploma, which is extremely sad and discredits the technique. On the other hand, these clever people take advantage of this demand.

We believe that everyone should search, investigate, scrutinize, and question before choosing a training course.
The ideal is to talk to your trainer, to verify if they are just repeating what is in a book that you can read yourself, or if they have enough experience to decipher any bqc·points formula, and have the competence to construct multireflexological bridges as needed, to combine the diagrams they are supposed to master, etc.

Don't hesitate to attend free treatment sessions (if they offer them, because we think it's essential to be able to treat unconvinced patients in public). Phrases like "you'll see, it'll get better later" and "that's more complicated," "we'll see that at the higher level," and "that's how Pr Châu taught me" reveal charlatans.

Make sure to verify if your trainer is part of a team of professionals who can endorse their credibility, if the organization they belong to has experience and does not sell their certificates.
What are their publications, their participation in important congresses or other events?

It's extremely sad to have to write these lines, but too many people communicate their bad experiences to us (loss of time and money). They explain to us that it's not easy to find one's way in the jungle of all kinds of offers.
Contact your trainer or the presidency of their school, this will help you to understand the course program well and you will understand why 4 modules are enough; but also, a lot of practice and study.

In 2002, I founded the CLUBQC in an attempt to bring together all of Professor Châu's students on a large forum. We even organized meetings with therapists from the northern provinces of Vietnam in 2006 and 2009. On each occasion, we were an international group of 25 students, accompanied by Professor Châu throughout the study trip and throughout the Vietnamese territory to immerse ourselves in his culture!

But as often happens, aiming too high prevents us from properly managing different teams. At ISMDC, we only speak 4 languages and have not found the means or assistance for a planetary office mobilizing everyone. That is why we can only evolve the structure dedicated to members of our school.
For this new stage, we still offer a support club for former students, but we want to improve the exchange platform by opening it to all Dien Chan enthusiasts (blog, video channel, etc.).

Now that Dien Chan is better known, Professor Bùi Quôc Châu (humble and coming from a developing country) easily succumbs to the temptation of certain very well-paid invitations solely for the purpose of divulging his method; this is respectable.
But the Western public is demanding a more consistent pedagogy. For this reason, since Barcelona initially and then in many other countries afterwards, in 2002, I proposed to Professor Châu to organize and structure the training for an educated audience.
Indeed, his students in Vietnam are mostly former patients who have not always had the opportunity to continue their studies.
Thus, we traveled together throughout Spain and France, always accompanied by one of his sons, Bùi Minh Tâm, Bùi Minh Luan, and Bùi Minh Trí, until 2009, for almost two months a year.

Mr. Van Que Nguyen, who introduced me to Professor Châu in 2001, undertook a great translation work that served as my basis. Since 2002, I have been writing the complete course manual, first in Spanish and then in French.
Throughout these years of teaching, I completed, then redesigned and corrected the diagrams and map of Dien Chan. Always under the passionate supervision of Professor Châu and the close collaboration of Bùi Minh Tâm and Bùi Minh Trí.

Professor Châu was extremely happy to see that Dien Chan had finally found a secretary, graphic designer, and writer fully devoted to the multireflexology method. He always told me "you are the link" and loved the wordplay between Barcelona and Saigon, which are very similar cities. Moreover, I lived at number 26 on my street and he at number 19 on his. If you know the two characters and these two bqc·points, you will quickly understand the joke.

In 2006, during one of our study trips to Vietnam, we introduced Chan❜beauté. This method of natural aesthetics and holistic well-being uses Dien Chan to serve beauty.
Since then, our research department and the countless feedback from professionals have allowed us to enrich this incredible and successful technique.
In 2013, we produced the interactive Chan❜beauté magazine; an app dedicated entirely to aesthetic protocols.

In 2009, after successful promotion efforts, Professor Châu was sought after by other organizations. As an international invitee, I decided to provide him with a reference book by publishing our course manual with Grancher publishers of Paris. To avoid cost, I designed the cover and the entire layout of the book.
And to thank Professor Châu for this close collaboration, I gave him 100% of the copyright of the French «ABC du Dien Chan» book. This was a way to continue to remunerate him as before.

My surprise was great when I realized that a student from 2009 created a new association, to offer courses in Paris by multiplying the levels infinitely. So, we reorganized ourselves and are truly sorry for those who discover us too late.

Don't hesitate to contact us by email or by phone if you prefer: in France +33 767 880 190 and in Barcelona +34 636 355 156