Dien Chan

A complementary and natural therapy, Dien Chan is the original method of facial reflexology.

An experienced team in Dien Chan

The International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan enjoys a team of experienced trainers in Dien Chan and other natural therapeutic techniques.

Without simplifying the original method so that you can become a creator of personalized treatments, the teachers at ISMDC passionately share their great skills.

This official Dien Chan website is a gateway to the multiple content that we have been offering since 2002. Like a table of contents, you can get more details on each chapter by using the ✚ buttons.

✚Dynamic team of Dien Chan experts

The ISMDC International School

Since 2002, we have been committed to disseminating and seriously teaching the authentic method of facial reflexology: Multireflexology - Dien Chan.
Our long-standing collaboration with Professor Bùi Quôc Châu and his qualified therapists, our publications in several languages, and the award-winning interactive application guarantee thorough and structured training.

Take advantage of our extensive experience, as we accompany our students throughout the educational journey to help them become creators of personalized care.
Because we believe that information is not a commodity, we share our teaching talent and many contents.

The ISMDC ensures:

  1. A structured program
  2. Serious pedagogical content
  3. Teaching adapted to adult students
  4. Study of the original method, without simplification
  5. Practices directed towards real cases
  6. A teacher with great practical and pedagogical experience
  7. International recognition
  8. Answers to questions during and after the training
  9. Access to updated course materials

What is Dien Chan?

Multireflexology - Dien Chan was created by Professor Bùi Quôc Châu in Saigon, Vietnam during the 1980s. Professor Châu abandoned acupuncture needles when he discovered that he could stimulate his patients' self-regulation process with precise tools.

Dien Chan is a natural therapeutic method that is practiced in short sessions during which we obtain, among other things, immediate relief of pain.
Its field of application allows for excellent treatments of migraines, digestive and circulatory systems, and many other common conditions.
We also achieve rapid and profound results in the management of muscular and joint disorders such as torticollis, cramps, lower back pain, or sciatica.

Take advantage of this interview with Patryck Aguilar-Cassarà to learn more

All variants of facial reflexology are inspired by Dien Chan: authentic facial reflexology. Its multiple reflection diagrams and fixed point map located on the face offer us a wide range of care possibilities. Thanks to its proximity to the brain, we are able to trigger our natural self-regulation process instantly.

Chan'beauté: therapeutic aesthetics

The face is the reflection of the soul and our inner balance.
Since Dien Chan can stimulate our process of self-regulation, our research department has been developing this technique of natural aesthetics and holistic well-being since 2006.
We apply its powers to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, spots and scars, and many other visible imperfections.

Our goal?
To reach the origin of what is expressed on the face. More natural than supposedly miraculous creams, the effects obtained with multireflex tools are impressive.
We energize deep nutrients and thus obtain balance for lasting results.
The Chan'beauté yang and yin gestures sublimate and invigorate from the dermis to the epidermis.

How to study Dien Chan?

We offer numerous certified in-person and online courses. We also offer pedagogical workshops to help you initiate or perfect your training.
Available in French, Spanish, and English, we are present in several countries in Europe and North and South America.
The ideal is to consult the training schedule to choose your city and dates.


The complete Dien Chan program is divided into 4 modules: DienChan❜reflex, DienChan❜pro, DienChan❜clinic, and DienChan❜master. You can also enrich your curriculum with the Chan❜beauté module to meet the growing demand for natural aesthetics and holistic well-being.

Consult the program of each training module to understand the pedagogical content.

ISMDC guarantees

We have been teaching the original method since 2002, and we want our students to become creators of personalized care. This is the only way to offer effective treatments that reach the root of the problem.

It goes without saying that nothing replaces training with a Dien Chan expert!

The Dien Chan International Club

Since the beginning of our adventure in 2002, we have stayed in touch with many passionate students to offer them our support. Thanks to the internet, we break down distances so that the educational journey does not end after the course.
The Dien Chan International Club is a digital space for exchange in which we publish articles, videos, and offer former students the opportunity to acquire multireflex tools at the best price.

The Dien Chan club opens up its blog of our experts and its video channel so that you can appreciate our work.

✚Student Directory

Self-care tips and tricks

Dien Chan is an excellent natural way to strengthen our immune system. It's easy to try!
Even without knowing the points on the Dien Chan map, you can quickly relieve your pain.
Before taking an anti-inflammatory that will tire the liver, bother the stomach, and may damage the kidneys, learn how to stimulate reflex zones on the face.
While you're waiting for your training, practice with the files we provide for free [a little more, not on this page].

Don't forget to subscribe to the channel to appreciate the gestures with multireflex tools.

Here are our jewels of health

Discover why multireflex tools are so appreciated by Dien Chan practitioners.
Compare apples to apples!
Our multireflex tools are made by hand with durable materials. Made with horn, mimosa wood, and high-quality metals, these noble and natural materials enhance your techniques.

Dien Chan reflexology
diagrams of reflection

Unlike many other reflexology techniques, we talk about multireflexology in Dien Chan because we can combine reflex zones from different reflection schemes.
It may seem a little strange at first, but the anatomical coherence of each of them makes their use very easy to assimilate.

In order to use them correctly, we must be able to project them onto any face; regardless of the person's physiognomy, sex or age.

The reflection schemes of Dien Chan are incredibly powerful.
It is very impressive to verify their effectiveness ourselves when we suffer from localized pain. The main schemes should be taught from an early age!
To discover them in detail, consult the dedicated file.

✚Discovering diagrams

I start practicing today

You can learn authentic Dien Chan in several ways. With our publications, but also through the interactive app called Faceasit. You will need to acquire certain tools, watch videos and follow us on social media.

Do not "binge" the information!


Here is access to some resources that may be beneficial for you to begin your initiation.
Do not choose the bqc·point Detector nº101, but rather a more suitable yin or yang instrument.
Start by acquiring a small kit of multireflex tools and use the diagram of the extremities on the face (red stick figure) and that of the internal organs.

In short... Read the articles on the experts' Dien Chan blog, subscribe to the channel to appreciate the gestures and learn more.

Dien Chan facial points

The Dien Chan facial map contains 257 fixed bqc·points and not approximately 500 as sometimes reported.
These fixed points have numerous applications and although we cannot replace the explanations provided during the course here, let us give you some advice.

Each bqc·point has an information table:

  1. A name identifying it
  2. Its coordinates on the complete map
  3. A column listing the body parts to which it refers
  4. A column containing the conditions on which it has an effect
  5. Its contraindications

You will find many Dien Chan point formulas in our publications and during your training.
With the Faceasit app, it's rather constellations of bqc·points that will help you compose your personalized formula.

the interactive application

It took more than 4 years of work to design this incredible application. It has become the best assistant to create perfectly individualized treatments in Dien Chan.

Inspired by the course of a consultation with a professional, Faceasit offers you the possibility of building facial reflexology treatments starting from the concerned anatomy and choosing the most appropriate condition.
Faceasit then proposes a constellation of bqc·points, indicating the most important ones in red. These define the reflex zones to work with a multireflex tool.
At each "evaluation," Faceasit suggests the two most suitable instruments accompanied by advice.

✚The file

To create your personalized formula, you must test the presented bqc·points and retain only the most sensitive ones.
By pressing on a point, its table appears to provide you with more useful information to appreciate the origin of the disorder.

An expert tool for everyone!

The Faceasit❜clinic version is the most professional. It allows you to create private sheets in which you can modify the resulting formula to complete it. In addition, each personal file keeps the history of the treatments given.
Thus, we can share the protocol (in reflex zones or in bqc·points) so that the consultant can do maintenance exercises between sessions.

Studying with Faceasit

Far more exhaustive than a book, this technology allows us to better understand the relationships between bqc·points and diagrams. Its real-time calculations are the only way to obtain constant support and an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Many students also use Faceasit❜clinic to keep, modify, and create formulas of bqc·points and to be able to transform them into reflex zones.